RE: The Order Of Things To Come Volume II & Trojan Horse

J.J. Joseph Says...

I never saw or thought the issue of double nationality through those lenses.

After that I read your commentary, I discussed it with one of my American friend who used to work in the Dept. of Health Section Archives and based on his past experiences with irregularities on his Dept., my friend seem to agree with your comment.

He also told me that an illegal Dominican immigrant used to work for the Post Office while he passed himself as an American citizen through fraudulent means.

So this new Double nationality probably will undermine the Sovereignty of Haiti and allows the foreigner to destroy the country much faster.

They are about to open a can of worms that could have nefarious consequences for the country.

Lets hope this guy don't finish his term in office.

Posted May 11 2011 at 9:40 PM

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