Believe me, i would bring alot of money to built roads...

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Believe me, i would bring alot of money to built roads, education,agriculture, hospitals,Airports, reforestation projects, drinkable water system, environment projects.

I would start with your entire family first by inviting merchand ships from Greece and Bangladesh, the greeks are for your males one in your family.


Jean Pierre Alexandre, April 28 2011, 8:54 AM

Topic: Flash:Michel Martelly will tax prostitution and the johns

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Well that will be a good thing, if he did. read more >
Bebe, 27-Apr-11 2:53 pm
Martelly will nominate Jean Pierre Alexandre as the plenipotentiary pimp in Haiti. This Alexandre supports the... read more >
Anti Human Trafficking, 27-Apr-11 11:43 pm
Oh boy! Another old macoute will be shaking down those sexy pretty sexy little Dominican women with nice personality... read more >
Brigade Des Moeurs, 28-Apr-11 5:36 am
Believe me,i would bring alot of money to built roads,education,agriculture,hospitals,Airports,reforestation... read more >
Jean Pierre Alexandre, 28-Apr-11 8:54 am
Martelly is intended to make gay marriage and divorce a tourist attraction in Haiti and pastor Rivel Durmaine will... read more >
Cosmos22, 29-Apr-11 12:47 am
This is not true since sweet Micky apparently said during his campaign that he is against gay adoption. read more >
Linda S, 30-Apr-11 8:42 am


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