In business, capital gain is good tool to create services in...

Toulimen Legrand - April 28 2011, 7:27 PM

In business, capital gain is good tool to create services in any country.

Here in the United States the Federal government charges 20% to 25% on businesses' profits to create services.

Martelly should impose a capital gain tax from 20% to 25% on profits so he can create finance more economic projects in Haiti.

Whoever is against the imposed capital gain on profits does not know economy works and he will always be the uneducated slaves of the rich and whenever they want to kill the educated ones, this uneducated person will volunteer or get paid to kill. That is why we got so many political assassinations in Haiti in the past 25 years.

25% on profits is the less that a government like Haiti can levy on businesses.

They should start with the money transfer transactions which is an easy money to make. Shalom!


Martelly Should Claim 25% From The Money Transactions' Profits Right Away!

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