12 Hours of Prayer Started At 6:00 PM Around ChampsdeMars, The National Palace

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Pastor Rivel Dumaine, Toulimen Legrand, Tiba,Richelle, Linda,Elsie, and to all bloggers that have concern regarding our home land Haiti Cherie.

Shalom Tabernacle de gloire will start a powerful prayer at 6:00 PM at ChampsdeMars, the national palace.You are all invited, you can connect with your cell phone with audio Shalom the number is 712-432-3246.The internet just google search:Radio Shalom Haiti or radioshalomhaiti.org, i know you guys want change for our country.

God will bless Haiti and protect our country, we need courage and peace.

God will put his words in the mouth of the President whenever he face hard decision with other the super evil countries around the globe.

Haiti need us all.

Shalom Shalom.

Jean Pierre Alexandre, May 13 2011, 10:55 AM

Topic: The order of thing in Haiti in April 2011.

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Linda Cubana you have missed the point. We are not targeting Martelly per se. We simply said that he is a puppet, a... read more >
Grenadier A L Aussault, 11-May-11 1:32 am
See, this is why no one can take you seriously. You just called me a Cubana. Those who actually know basic facts about... read more >
Linda, 11-May-11 8:31 am
LE Citoyen AmericainSweet MIcky peut-il etre intronise comme President de la Republique d'Haiti? OuiouNon? read more >
Psychologue Henri-claude Saint-fleur, 11-May-11 9:56 am
No Linda with all due respect to you. I like the name Linda because it is a beautiful name. However, there is a Cuban... read more >
Grenadier A L Aussault, 11-May-11 2:57 pm
Linda, Why wasting your time and energy trying to rationalize with an individual that is unable to think rationally... read more >
Tiba, 11-May-11 3:15 pm
Hey little sisi Tiba do you have your pink suit and talon ki kit to go to the inauguration of your boyfriend Micky on... read more >
Det. Smith, 11-May-11 3:51 pm
We don't know that Tiba was a member in good standing in the bend over Society. Those shameful people need brain... read more >
Lamercie Dieusibon, 11-May-11 6:27 pm
This was an interesting rant about Cuba, but what does it have to do with anything that was being discussed about... read more >
Linda, 12-May-11 12:03 pm
haiti need a strong leader not a [restavek]some body who can say yes when he can say yes no when he can say no we need... read more >
Egnaud Bocicot, 13-May-11 9:22 am
Pastor Rivel Dumaine,Toulimen Legrand,Tiba,Richelle,Linda,Elsie,and to all bloggers that have concern regarding our... read more >
Jean Pierre Alexandre, 13-May-11 10:55 am
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