12 Hours of Prayer Started At 6:00 PM Around ChampsdeMars, The National Palace

Jean Pierre Alexandre - May 13 2011, 10:55 AM

Pastor Rivel Dumaine, Toulimen Legrand, Tiba,Richelle, Linda,Elsie, and to all bloggers that have concern regarding our home land Haiti Cherie.

Shalom Tabernacle de gloire will start a powerful prayer at 6:00 PM at ChampsdeMars, the national palace.You are all invited, you can connect with your cell phone with audio Shalom the number is 712-432-3246.The internet just google search:Radio Shalom Haiti or radioshalomhaiti.org, i know you guys want change for our country.

God will bless Haiti and protect our country, we need courage and peace.

God will put his words in the mouth of the President whenever he face hard decision with other the super evil countries around the globe.

Haiti need us all.

Shalom Shalom.

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haiti need a strong leader not a [restavek]some body...


The order of thing in Haiti in April 2011.

Bill Clinton is the defacto president of Haiti. Sweet Micky is the vice president, literally, figuratively and...

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May God the almighty bring his peace, love, and...

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