Jynee, Let's talk logically Restaveck might be painful and...

Sebastian - May 1 2011, 11:23 PM


Let's talk logically
Restaveck might be painful and inhuman.

But Restaveck is a form of foster care and it worked for Haiti.

What more did you want?

Haiti is a poor country.

Kids that are living with their own parents are living is deplorable conditions also.
You have it wrong under Duvalier they were never in the street.

They stayed in those people houses.

The 18 year old girl became a maid. Those 18 years old zenglendo that you have right now would have been cab drivers or carpenters if they haven't abolished restaveck.

You're talking about sacrifices.

Let's pass a law and sterilized all poor woman after their second pregnancy

You're talking about sacrifices.

Lets pass a law and make monthly kombit mandatory

You're talking about education.

Let's pass a law and make it mandatory that before entering the free university all kids have to spend a year teaching in the public school.

Much country in Europe has community service

You're saying there are no jobs
Lets open bateyes (very cheap to do) in all the small towns.

They all want to be deputies and senators; they do not want to farm or take care of chickens.

You will be the first to tell me to close them because those poor people are working like animal

The solutions do exist but Haitians at home are not willing to make huge sacrifices

They want free everything while the playing domino all day and raping and kidnapping and stealing

Assez reve an nou pale parol conkre, Haitians in the diaspora cannot save to send their own kids to college.

There is no way the Diaspora will GIVE their savings to Haiti.

LENDING it maybe!

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