Sebastian, you're completely missing the point! the fund is...

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you're completely missing the point! the fund is for kids to go to school at the elementary level.

So what are you suggesting?

we impose child labor, the kids who can't afford school should just go to work?

too late, we already have that BS system it's call the restavek system.

those kids work like animals, first one to wake up, last one to go to sleep, they get no days off, no sick days, all they get is the lousy scraps or gratin left over. maybe they get to go to night school and they are so overburden with work they barely have time to study and learn anything.

Are you even aware of the suffering of children in Haiti?

were you born in America?

not so many of them are lucky to have a parent out of Haiti to send them money.

these children are slaves in other people's house and as soon as they are old enough to demand a wage, they kicked them out. these kids are brutalized, raped and the boys are put out or runaway in their early teens, where do you think all these street children come from. their parents are out in the country side while they are kicked out in port-au-prince and left to fend for themselves.

You can't ever compare americans to Haitians in Haiti, Welfare is a support system to help the poor. so don't blindly critize welfare unless you understand the system.

all first world country have it so their poor don't rebel against the rich. school is free in America.

you go to jail if you don't send your kids to school.

In Haiti, many parents have to make the awful choice of picking which kid to send to school since they can't afford to send them all. Learn about your country's issues and problems, then come back with solutions.

saying haitians need to go to work, is a circular argument, where are they going to find the job?

since you don't want to give a few pennies for education, do you have the capital to create jobs?

if the goverment is to create job, where will the government find the funds to pay employees?

the govt has to tax people to raise revenue, there is no other way, even if they borrow the money they have to pay on the interest.

plus, how much job can a haitian goverment create?

Job comes from the private sector, you need to understand how economics work. you make it sounds like there are plenty of job in Haiti and people just don't want to work. haitian people are very resourceful, everytime you see them, yap brasser la ri-a to find something.

why do you think that if you don't keep your eyes open in Haiti, you will get hustle.

you have a bunch of smart people with no legitimate way to make money so they find ways to make money.

whether you like it or not, the government has to start taxing people to pay for education, security and subsidize the agricultural sector.

The govt need money to stabilize Haiti, when Haiti is atabilize then it will attract investors to come and create jobs. if you struggling in Miami, how do you think your contrymen is doing?

there is no excuse because you pay cam and western union their fees so what's an extra $1?

or an extra 5cents.

Many of Haitians in the diaspora are doing much better compare to the poor Haitians living in Haiti.

Those Haitians who benefit from a free University education in Haiti and making a living off your nursing and medical degree need to dip in your pocket and support the education system since you benefitted from it. Haitians need to learn to give back to Haiti and not just your immediate family.

everyone wants a better Haiti but no one wants to be inconvenienced or come out of pocket, you want people to go to work, are you going to create those jobs because if you expect the government to do that, he would have to tax to pay the salary.

Haiti cannot change without all of us sacrificing, because when Haiti is change for better, Haitians will be the first one to tell foreigners to get out and make room for them but they don't want to pay for anything.

so you think the foreigner is going to come out of pocket and fix your country for you and hand it to you on a silver platter.

if you don't want to have to say yessir mr. blan, then Haitians need to pay the cost to be the boss!

Jynee, April 26 2011, 8:42 PM

Topic: Martelly intend to charge $1 more for every $100 you send to Haiti

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Sebastian, you're completely missing the point! the fund is for kids to go to school at the elementary level. So what... read more >
Jynee, 26-Apr-11 8:42 pm
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