Hey Jynee, Everything you described is called "Corporate...

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Hey Jynee,

Everything you described is called "Corporate Welfare." And you right, Haitians are willing and always ready to satify the white man system at all cost and they are cool with that. Unfortunately, Haitians always see a problem and have a big problem to satisfy their own Haitian system.

They have no problem dihumanizing the Haitian system.

In all faireness, we all know well that Haitian system is the most dysfunctional system there is on the planet, but it can be fixed.

Haitian have elected Tete Kale on May 20, 2011 to fix the illish/dysfunctional/sickening/grostec/deranged system that is existed in Haiti.

Haitians do not want to pay Haitian's tax ever, but Haitians expect to get everything for free from the government.

In the US, you see Haitians all the time at the post office bargaining on a postage/stamp.

I have no problem paying my share of taxes in the US or in Haiti, but I expect Haiti to have a tax system that is fair and regulated.

As we all know, Haiti does not have a tax code, they charge you whatever they feel like charging you. They look at the product/marchandize and the guy pulls a number out of his *ss and tells you how much you gotta pay and that is how my friend ended up paying twice of the cost of the stupid truck to get it out of custom.

In the US I'm sure it would not cost no more than $600 to $750. How can a person pay more in taxes than the actual cost of the product?

It happens only in Haiti.

You buy a truck for $8,000 US but it costs you $15,000 US to get it out of custom?

Only in Haiti you would find these war deals.

Tiba, April 26 2011, 8:31 PM

Topic: Martelly intend to charge $1 more for every $100 you send to Haiti

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Sebastian, 26-Apr-11 11:20 am
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Jynee, 26-Apr-11 2:20 pm
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Sebastian, 26-Apr-11 3:12 pm
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Tiba, 26-Apr-11 6:16 pm
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Marleine M, 26-Apr-11 6:47 pm
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Jean Pierre Alexandre, 26-Apr-11 6:58 pm
Tiba,are you sure with these info? Unbelievable,that's prooves Preval,his govs are thieves and wicked dogs. read more >
Jean Pierre Alexandre, 26-Apr-11 7:15 pm
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Jean Pierre Alexandre, 26-Apr-11 7:23 pm
Hey Jynee, Everything you described is called "Corporate Welfare." And you right, Haitians are willing and always... read more >
Tiba, 26-Apr-11 8:31 pm
Sebastian, you're completely missing the point! the fund is for kids to go to school at the elementary level. So what... read more >
Jynee, 26-Apr-11 8:42 pm
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