Combat Final A 6:00 PM ChampsdeMars Today With Shalom Tabernacle de Gloire

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Henry Claude Saint Fleure, Dirty Cop, Concern Haitian, MarkessI invite you tonight around the national Palace for a general prayer to deliver Haiti ounce for all.
Don't be an ennemy of peace.

We need to stand together for the sake of Haiti.

I am a soldier for Jesus Christ and Jehovah God the most high.
Don't worry about the metal that i still have in my right hand, the bible is close to my heart in my left hand.
We have free bus ride all over P_a_Pce area.
Nap pral dechouke baka, demon,espri sal san binyin nan peyi ya deyo a swoe ya.


Jean Pierre Alexandre, May 13 2011, 10:17 AM

Topic: La peur des machettes de Martelly

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Henry Claude Saint Fleure,Dirty Cop,Concern Haitian,MarkessI invite you tonight around the national Palace for a... read more >
Jean Pierre Alexandre, 13-May-11 10:17 am


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