Pastor Dumaine, Jean-Pierre and I as you mentioned it are...

Toulimen Legrand - April 25 2011, 7:09 PM

Pastor Dumaine, Jean-Pierre and I as you mentioned it are truth seekers.

We will search, investigate and report, but in any ways all three of us don't pretend to know the truth and we will continue to search it until it is told publicly.

While you are paid to insult others, all three of us are finding ways to make Haiti better for all. We have no time for launching attacks against you or against any other ignorant bloggers.

Haiti needs to heal and I wish you could be one of those healers.

The U.S.CIA is paying you to divide and insult others, but in the middle of the road the Almighty One will strike you for not helping and saving your fellow loved ones as well.

America knows that the Republicans had installed a wrong CIA network in Haiti which is aimed to destroy the Haitian culture in bringing Haiti under the American's governance as an unincorporated territory like GUAM and Puerto-Rico.

Mark my word, I will die for this cause and Haiti will never be under the United States dominance and time will tell. Right now, enjoy your CIA's salary but I warn you that you are on the wrong path of the Haitian history.

May the Almighty One bring sanity, decency and common sense to your nonsense!

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Toulimen, Pastor Rivel Dumaine and Jean Piere...


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