Pastor, What kind of Pastor want people to have many women...

Sebastian - May 2 2011, 8:04 PM

What kind of Pastor want people to have many women.

The bible is against that. Anyway

China limited the amount of kids people could have and now China is caching up to the US.

Civilized people knows you cannot have too many children.

It brings poverty.Our women lack education to no that. You cannot teach them. Si ou songe Duvalier tried to teach them about planning with "Fannie ti jo and Compe Chanpa" show ou songe?

Haiti will have to do huge sacrifices if it wants to progress.

But I do not think it will be possible.

they are too backward for that. If a man like you can't see the reality how can I expect them to understand

Mwen ta prefere on lwa interdi mwen fe plus que 2 timoun.

Pou mwen ta viv bien manje pou ti moun yo. mwen pa oblige bay yo pou restavek, mwen ka voye yo to 2 lekol

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