Agent X, it's look with your expertise and interlligence, time...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - May 14 2011, 4:49 AM

Agent X, it's look with your expertise and interlligence, time is not a factor for you.I forgot that your father was an alien from somewere in another galaxy.

Remember we have a limit as humans in our dimension, time is our ennemy physically, spiritually as well.
Logical factor for me, time is a focus point or a reference point as human.

I don't have any knowledge or expertise in demonolgy, i do know they were created by God just like Lucifer your friend.

And they born every second like worms among themselves, if i am wrong correct me, they occupied a dimension in our space on earth, possibly capable of time manupilation, capable to enter our dimension at will if find a weak link somewere created by humans.

We were created by God to be self sufficient on earth that means we had the capability of self ruling and to control our destiny.

Demons were created to serve just like Lucifer.

Like i said, i am not an expert of demonology, i cannot say much.
Agent X, can you explain why the cells of our body have a time frame?

Agent X, time is a factor.

Agent X, do we have presently a justice system in place to juge, to convict Jean Claude Duvalier?

Agent X, do we have in place this minute any justice system to convict any administrations, Aristide,Preval?

We need to use our tolerance with caution to this matter.

If justice cannot be serve to all?

It's not justice.

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