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Alexandre the Great, I am afraid to tell you that our destiny does not belong to us but it belongs to the caprices and material interests of outside powers; we are merely pawns and passive marionettes in their equations.

They will install another president tomorrow May 14th 2011 in a few hours in Haiti through a shameful and rigged election.

I disagree that time is too short.

Time is eternal and according to the theory of relativity, time dilatation and contraction is a relative concept that varies with the position of the observer.

Time is a psychological factor mediates by ones frame of mind and situation.

Put a person in a very unpleasant situation and put another in a very pleasant situation and let them watch the same clock.

The first one will think that time is passing very slowly and the other will think that time is passing too fast. Those that committed crimes under the Duvalier hope that time will heal everything and have the audacity to plead for armistice.

That will never happen.

Trust me.
I had teachers, school mates and neighbors that the Duvalier regime killed.

If you implied by that that Jean Claude should be free to enjoy life in Haiti while those people are long dead then you are a part of the problem in Haiti.

Jean Claude was interviewed several years ago while in exile in Paris, he had the audacity to tell the journalist that those who had problem under his administration were putting their mouths in thing that did not concern them. In other words Haiti was his private property and he had right to detain, rapes, arrests, torture, and to kill any Haitian at will and it is nobody business.

All those actions occurred under his administration with impunity The American Government provides him with weapons to kill Haitians as a way to maintain their hegemony in the world.

Those little Vassal and butchers for the Empire should face justice.

On May 12, 2011,a German Court convicted Mr. Demjanjuk at the age of 91 as an accessory to the murder of 27,900 Jews during the second world war and sentenced to 5 years in prison.

That means some people are more important than other.

The same Empire that is advocating armistice for Duvalier and his butcher and protecting Toto Constant thinks that it is ok to prosecute Germans after 70 years.

We cannot adhere to this double standard in the world.

Anyone that will give Duvalier armistice to his crimes should be considered as accessory to his crimes and should be punished severely as well as their next to kin soon or later or whenever we could get our handds on them
Duvalier killed many Haitians that were pro Castrice for the Americans.

You mean that it is perfectly normal to kill Haitian citizen for the Americans and whenever they want it. The Americans want Armistice for all their butchers and former butchers around the world .Those guys are protected and seem to have immunity from prosecution while the same Americans are adamant to prosecute and severely punish other people that committed slight infraction if they opposed the capitalist system.

I am asking all Haitians that were victims directly or indirectly of the atrocities of the Duvalier regime to organize and to take the law into their own hands if Martelly decide to give Jean Claude and his former butcher armistice.

"Those Who Forget History Are Doomed to Repeat It."

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