The Dumbest And The Most Idiotic Ruling/Vote Of The Century!

Tiba Says...

Posted May 11 2011 at 7:12 PM

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Go Panhandling In The Subways To Have Your Phone Reconnected. Mendiancite Sur La Voie PubliqueBroward County FL- Tax Exempt Orga Agent-x 05/12/2011
My Very Intelligent Officers Faxed Me This Morning Info Regarding Your Credential In The Air Force. The Report Shows That Your Job Description Consisted Of Pealing Potatoes In The Kitchen. They Had To Let You Go... Clean Cop 05/12/2011
Concerned P.Haitian,Agent X,Markess Prosper, Sleeping In The Same Bed Every Night. I Prefer To Call Him. "Dirty Cop" I Need To Chat With Your Captain,I Will Gives You A Suprise Visit Next Time I Am In Your Area In New... Jean Pierre Alexandre 05/12/2011
Concern Haitian, If You Were Really Concern About Haiti You Would Not Waist So Much Time With Nasty, Pointless Attacks On People. How About You Try And Act Like An Intelligent Person And Bring Points Worth Discussing... Linda 05/12/2011
Tete Kale Bobis, How Does Your Comment To Tiba Help Haiti? Show Me How It Helps In Anyway, Even Just A Tiny Bit? Linda 05/12/2011
Tet Kale Bobis,While You Are Have USA Chikens Wings In Your Throat(Gagan'wou), Your Weekly Salary In Your Pokets To Feed Your Family And Bitches Or Boy Friends Around,While If You Don't Have A Job To Go Too,Your Belly... Jean Pierre Alexandre 05/12/2011
Good Job Tiba, Many Ofthese Meniacs Are Afraid Of The Truth And Will Do All To Stop Anyone Wiht The Gut To Spread It Out. For The Past Two Hundreds Years The Same Repeatable Idioms And Haiti Is So Far Back The Train... Pastor Rivel Dumaine Dr. 05/12/2011
Tiba Is A Dangerous Man. We Told You That This Tiba Is A Fake, A Fraud And A Phony "Haitian" That Has A Motto Like The Other Opportunists " La Patrie C'est La Ou On L'on Mange." People Like That Have A Basic Inherent... Concerned P. Haitian 05/12/2011
Tete Kale Bobis, Why Shouldn't I Be Mad? Don't You Think That I Have Full Right To Be Mad? And When You Asked If I Am A Martelly With A USA Passport, Should I Take That Question As An Insult Or What? Should I Be... Tiba 05/12/2011
Where Are You Peter. I Just Heard That They Are Looking For Another Escapee From The Bronx Zoo. Se Battery Federal- Moringlad Tet Boiske 05/11/2011