Dirty Cop, you are toasted black like coal in that bunker of...

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Dirty Cop, you are toasted black like coal in that bunker of yours in the Pocconos :).

You make my night before i go to bed.
We have a bomb"bunker buster" that can penetrates down 100 feet even you reinforce that concrete of many layers of 20 feet thick with steel.

It's call GBU-28 but you are Haitian like me so i will toast your ass with the GBU-27.
I have seen it work body and you don't stand a chance at 200 feet below cause he creates something called chockwaves, i hope you understand what i am talking about.

Remember i am a war criminal 100 percent and i am proud of it.
That bomb is about 15"DIA, 20' long and weight about 5000 pound the explosive is about 700 pound of pure high explosive, oh i almost forget(that bomb is very smart too)that's means he will not explode until reach target.

wi fout tet langyet).

Damm, you don't understand, okay i will explain.

I don't want to tell you how many stages of explosion that bomb does while digging its self down to reach targets.

I am sure if you are a handyman you will understand the action, it's just like when you drive a concrete nail into a centerblock or a brick.

So please don't go inside of a bunker if you notice a F117 is in the area.
That's the only stealth plane design to carry that bomb.
Saddam was a smart man, as you see he hide in just a regular fox hole, simply took his chance there and he survive the bunker buster.

Well, that make you my bicth.

Jean Pierre Alexandre, May 12 2011, 10:13 PM

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