My very intelligent officers faxed me this morning info...

Clean Cop - May 12 2011, 4:42 PM

My very intelligent officers faxed me this morning info regarding your credential in the Air Force.

The report shows that your job description consisted of pealing potatoes in the kitchen.

They had to let you go because you could not do it fast and efficient enough.

A guy from a mentally challenged institution replaced you; and as of today, he is still holding that position, according to the report.

Visiting me will be difficult to you. Because I live in a Bunker 75 feet below in the Poconos.

I live at 124 Guymard Turnpike, Godeffroy, NY 12729 my phone is unlisted of course.

My body Guards are ex FBI, Navy Seals, Mossad, KGB DGSE, DPSD, BRGE, CNCIS and M16 retirees [All the world mauvaise esprit under the same roof] so to get through to see me will be problematic and a nightmare to you at best.

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Concerned P.Haitian,Agent X,Markess Prosper, sleeping...


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Dirty Cop,you are toasted black like coal in that...

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