Hello! I am interested in finding more information on this...

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Hello! I am interested in finding more information on this topic.

I am helping a Haitian family who is seeking asylum in the U.S. They were granted asylum in Mexico before the earthquake, but they have received threats of violence and harassment there, and they were afraid to go to the Mexican police.

To present their case to the immigration court, I need to find articles or reports describing the problems that Haitian refugees are facing in Mexico, from either government officials or private persons.

Thank you for your help!

Hola, me interesa encontrar mas informacion sobre este tema. Estoy ayudando a una familia haitiana que busca asilo en EEUU. Ellos recibieron el asilo (FM3) en Mexico antes del terremoto, pero han estado hostigados, y les han amenazado con violencia si no dejan el pais. Tienen miedo de acudir a las autoridades mexicanas.

Para presentar su caso al corte de inmigracion, necesito articulos o reportajes describiendo los problemas con que se enfrentan los refugiados haitianos en Mexico, sea de oficiales del gobierno o de personas privadas.

Muchismas gracias por su ayuda.

Aglobalcitizen, April 18 2011, 5:35 PM

Topic: Haïtians fleing Mexico .

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Hello! I am interested in finding more information on this topic. I am helping a Haitian family who is seeking asylum... read more >
Aglobalcitizen, 18-Apr-11 5:35 pm


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