I agree with you 500% but I don't believe that America is...

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I agree with you 500% but I don't believe that America is feeding Haiti.

I was using Rooster and Brian Andrews' words who keep lecturing us about the hand that is feeding us in most of their postings.

Rather I believe that America is destroying Haiti by taking over its market economy, education and our way of life. We would be better off in the world as a country if America could leave us alone.

If they could respect our determiniation rights to live as an independent country we would achieve so many things that nobody could have ever expected to do. I love America for its leadership and its determination of developing so many things to help its country and others, but I hate American foreign policy on Haiti.

I want America to renounce its containment politics in dealing with Haiti's economic and political affairs.

America has to leave us alone so we could do for ourselves.

It is time for them to leave us alone so we can exploit our mineral resources and sell them to whatever other countries that we want. Haiti is a rich country, but America's mismanagement of Haiti's foreign policy and our elites' colonial mentality made Haiti one of the poorest country in the Caribbean Region.

I am mad at America and at my elites too but I don't hate them to death.

I wish I could change both of them and win their hearts for better economic progress for Haiti.

I don't like their destruction simply I want them to change their attitude toward my beloved country.

As a biracial and bicultural Haitian, I am attached to both countries Benin and Haiti and they are running presidential elections at the same time of the year. The problem that we are facing in Haiti is the same problem that the Beninois are facing in Benin with France.

I am following closely both countries' elections.

Both countries are victims of colonialism on the part of outside power and colonial power backing in Benin and Haiti.

We cannot develop if our own Haitian elites do not renounce to their colonial mentality.

Pierre Leger a great industrial Haitian enterpreneur whom I admire so much acknowledges that in his last interview about Haiti's current situations on Metropolis Radio.

We are great people and we can do better things.

If only Haitian elites could renounce to their colonial mentality one would see so many things that Haiti can accomplish.

We need to destroy the colonial backing power in Haiti and make our elites believe in Haiti and consider Haiti as their country for which they will strive to make it beautiful and better every day. Rose, I am not naive to think that America is feeding us. I was making allusion to Rooster's own word to refrain us from saying anything bad against America.

I was in Haiti when the CIA agents were paying other uneducated Haitians to kill most of the Chinese workers appointed by Jean-Claude Duvalier to help Haiti boost its rice production to feed the Haitian population in the Artibonite Region.

I was in Haiti when the peasants had seen U.S. small airplanes coming from the Dominican Republic spreading chemical oils on many plantation fields in Leoganes, Arcahaie and other parts in the North to destroy our coconut trees, bananas, avocados and many others tropical crops right after the departure of Duvalier to make us import those foods from them. I am not naive to believe that America is feeding us on my 50 years of my existence.

Take a little time to reread my postings, for Toulimen never believes that America is feeding Haiti.

The reason they are feeding us now is because they are the ones who destroyed our tropical crops after Duvalier and they would continue to do so if we don't step up to denounce and stop them. I was not born yesterday.

I have the right to hate America and the accomplice elites of Haiti but I don't hate them because I believe one day that I will win their hearts for the best of Haiti.

I will sign a new social contract with America and the colonial backing power in Haiti one day to change Haiti for all its citizens.

We can do that and we will do it. Take care Rose. May the Almighty bless you!

Toulimen, March 5 2011, 2:35 PM

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