Toulimen, America doesnt feed Haitians...America is rendering...

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Toulimen, America doesnt feed Haitians...America is rendering Haitians powerless so they can justify their illegal seizure of Haitian wealth.

America doesn't do anything for anyone unless they benefit first and foremost.

You actually believe that America is doing good in Haiti.

If that were the case, you mean to tell me all of the minerals they have been removing out of the country, they have yet to apply any value to the minerals and even show any respect to the Haitian people for removing its assets without due cause.

What happened for the past 25 years when they have had ample opportunity to provide electricity and water to the country.

On the CIA site, Haiti has hydropower, the cheapest form of electricity, even if they didnt want to pay for the asset, at least they could have done a tradeoff the asset, provide equipment to illuminate the country.

They even precluded a company from installing electrical grids to provide electricty throughout the country.

Water pipes, 25 years ago, would have been far less expensive to install, why didn't they do that. They have been interfering in our political business for centuries now and what have they done to improve the life of the Haitian people.

Second, America has hated Haitians from the day they fought for their independence and they vowed they would make Haitians regret their audacity to delude themselves into believing they have the same rights as a white man. I am sorry to burt your bubbles, I don't know if you ever lived in the U.S., but take a good look at life for blacks in America then you would realize that America has never had any interest in empowering the Haitian people.

In my studies, I have read the horrible things that American govt have said about Haiti and I believe they are still carrying out their master plan to bring Haiti to its knees and render its people powerless and destitute.

They are a lot of studies and books written by well intended American professors and academias on the U.S.-Haiti saga and all of them blame U.S. foreign policies for interfering in Haiti governmental structure and mainly in preventing Haiti from ever achieving success.

America has undermised Haiti success and will continue to do so. Now, they are achieving their goal by attaining majority assets of Haiti thus turning Haiti into a consumption country and enriching the lives of the white people.

All the fights and turmoils that go on in Haiti is a battle for control of Haiti assets because they don't phanthom the idea of Haiti being a rich country and all of these black people being wealthy in their backyard.

Then, America will have an exodus of people, American black, Haitian and any other ethnic group that may think there is economic opportunity in the country.

America do not want the American black to think that black people could actually be rich. Simply, look at the economic position of American black in the country, do you actually believe black American are not smart enough to be educated and hold a job. Institutional racism is the way to keep blacks out of the job market.

Where do you go and find black as managers of any corporations, small or big. They don't even want to hire the black American with a college degree, BA or Master.

I have friends who have degrees and are turned down for jobs and books written on that subject.

I hope you don't really believe that America is feeding Haiti.

America is depleting Haiti of all its resources, but the sad part for them is that they cannot remove all of the deposits from the earth so now they have to find a way to cohabit with blacks in the country.

A caveat, buyer beware, the person you think is your friend is actually your enemy.

Today, learn this lesson the whiteman believes, in his guts, that black is inferior to them and will always be. They don't believe that black people deserve to have the same education, the same lifestyle and be as successful as them. I can be quoted anywhere and at anytime, I don't care! I speak the truth! I know everytime you walk in a store, the manager or the staff will look at you as if you are trespassing, yet they need your money.

Do you think its an isolated incident or its imbedded in their brains to make you feel like you don't belong and yet they need your money.

Such utter disrespect! Anyway, I hope you do a little bit more digging to find your clear on this issue.

God bless you!

Alas, Haiti is free!

Rose L, March 5 2011, 1:29 PM

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