Katia, Get a grip chic! first of all you don't know me nor do...

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Get a grip chic! first of all you don't know me nor do I have any interest in getting to know you. not all Haitians live in little Haiti and not all Haitian are dirt broke.

most of you who end up in the US end up here off someone back, when you first arrive here, ou antre ak de po mouda'w, you were not independent.

so spare me with the dependency crap. I have been running back and forth to the Haiti for the past year and the people there are living in dire circumstances.

these children need to go to school and they do need a hand up. if the people you know are taking advantage of you that is a personal issue but that has nothing to do with these kids who need to go to school.

I am an attorney today because of the numerous scholarshipsI receive so I do know the importance of school and the importance of receiving and giving help to someone.

SO IF I can have a six figure salary it's due to the scholarship and financial aid I receives.

SO if you or others do not take advantage of the help being offered in the US that is your problem but I am not going to be bitter against Haitian kids who need an opportunity to go to school.

Children everywhere are educated, why shouldn't Haitians kids receive the same opportunity.

so quit complaining about a lousy dollar, it's not that serious.

again I don't know who the hell you are and you don't know me so lay off the personal crap. if $1 a month is going to break your budget by all means don't send it.

Jynee, April 29 2011, 9:17 PM

Topic: Martelly intend to charge $1 more for every $100 you send to Haiti

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So Jynee send all the money you can or you have. you are proving to me that you agree with the system where most... read more >
Katia, 29-Apr-11 9:13 am
lol...in the language of facebook, i like everything you just said. read more >
Zac, 29-Apr-11 10:10 am
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Sebastian, 29-Apr-11 4:34 pm
Katia, Get a grip chic! first of all you don't know me nor do I have any interest in getting to know you. not all... read more >
Jynee, 29-Apr-11 9:17 pm
Sebastien,our women are not lazy,thank God for that. If you observe well women are the back bones of Haiti for years. read more >
Jean Pierre Alexandre, 29-Apr-11 9:43 pm
Katia,Chapeau ba. Se pa facil men jouin on Haitien ki compran Haitians in he Diaspora cannot support Haitians in Haiti... read more >
Sebastian, 29-Apr-11 11:41 pm
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Sebastian, 29-Apr-11 11:46 pm
katia, Haitien en Haiti chita tout la jounin li pa vle al travay fe bonne.lap rele Cousine li kap fe 2 job cna( netoye... read more >
Sebastian, 30-Apr-11 12:13 am
Haitians need to stop counting on everybody else and count on themselves. Get up and start working. China has cheap... read more >
Sebastian, 30-Apr-11 12:38 am
Jean Pierre, chack fi on ti back so tet pa ka fe yon peyi progrese. Gason kap joue domino epui kap planifie vole yo... read more >
Sebastian, 30-Apr-11 1:15 am
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