To President Martelly ( very important)

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Regarding that $1 tax, lets be realistic.

We do not want dreams we want solid plans and this is not a plan. We're not West Germany supporting East Germany.

Haitians in he Diaspora cannot support Haitians in Haiti because they are too poor, they cannot even pay their own bills.

You said that you want loans.

You can do that kind of (cooperative) thing that Aristide did. You will have to guaranty the diaspora that you won't let their money be stolen.

We could lend money to Haiti for 10 years with no interest, most of us would later down the road foreigners would too. ($100 to 10,000 etc)That is a plan.That would be showing the world how proud of a nation we are.

Then we could build that railroad you were talking about

I have tons of ideas all for free, anonymous and I do not want favors.

Sebastian, April 29 2011, 4:58 PM

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