President Martelly No Taxes for the Poor People!

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President Martelly,

I know your advisers and counselors read or listen to the voice of the people; Haiti does not have a problem of taxation; the problem of this country is the lack of justice and the absence of law that every one does what he or she wanted to do. Rules of law and justice is the way to move Haiti forward; those who are against it must face justice and consequence; there must be no exception to this rule of law.

Here are some principles to apply.

Principle #1
The Engineers received funds to build Root National #1 during one Year; the road not constructed and no accountibility for the funds, give them twenty years of jail time saize of their assets removed their licenses ; put a criminal dosier in their records for ever.

Principles #2 The Agronomme fail to sustain the natural resources after receving funds to for forestry; send them to jail and face up justice listed their in the national daily news as thieves and must never gain any government jobs.

Principles # 3 The city Mayor must keep the street clean hired employees to do the job, if the city is dirty ask the people to vote out those failures.

Principles # 4 The elected officials fail to have established and funded projects for their Departments, ask the people to vote them out or they must live up with their fail representatives.

Principles # 5 The Executive must be the supreme Chief of all federal agencies,; they are accountable to the president; in time of disaster failure to proper response must be the immediate revocation.

Principles #6 Every elected officials must have a daily accountability reported to their people what they have accomplished; the next step to be up date; sitting in the capital without doing nothing for their people is like a homeless man worry about himself.

Principles # 7 Rule of law and justice must be the only way to Haiti out of this mess. Sak pa dako anbake.

Principles # 8 Immediate seizure and confiscate all Haitians wealth that governments employees have stolen and bought private boats living in the many Caribbean Islands.

Principles # 9 General Decentralization must be the rule to move Haiti forward; those against it must be held accountable for treason and anti-progressive.

Principles #10 Each department must have their own National Police Head quarter must never depend on the Capital Chief Police Nation; that is call the manner of third world country that does not have management leadership.

Principles #11 All Court in District must be autonomous to render justice; bring a case from the Department to the capital is the waste of treasury money, that is called the way the brainless people worked; exception when there is capital case where federal persecution involved.

Principles # 12 Have a national plan with a national budget and time limit to put that in action.


Pastor Rivel Dumaine, Dr. BSBA, PI

Pastor Rivel Dumaine Dr., May 7 2011, 5:36 PM

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