Toulimen is doing a very good job for all Haitians around the...

Pastor Rivel Dumaine Dr. - April 17 2011, 10:22 PM

Toulimen is doing a very good job for all Haitians around the world; we can not and will not let none trying to put that movement out. I congratulate all the bloggers who show no sign of partiality to no one, but embrace the Haitian cause for equal freedom, social, and economic justice to all and for all.

For the last fifty years, we never heard about President Martelly has been a CIA, but suddenly They have brought this allegation against Him to change His Leadership.

All President Martelly wants for Haiti is all that the ninety five/95 % of the nation wanted.

Freedom, Justice, Freed education for all, full representation, and Haiti in the international and global market.

President Martelly has the reason to be where he is just by stating: Christ is for Haiti and Haiti is for Christ.

At least, he has more common sense than many of the predecessors that brought all the worst to that Country.

This is Freedom of communication from FCC, Yes Toulimen is authorized to give his new blog address on any blog.

These Heroes are the heart of Haiti; that is why they are not hiding the truth from the people.

You too, must join the President Machine of justice to save Haiti for ever and you do have the potentiality to make great thing happened for all Haitians.

I was out for many days in around many countries preaching Revivals with only one message the Social Revolution.


Pastor Rivel Dumaine, Dr.

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I am not afraid of CIA like you or macoute like you...


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