Those that are against Aristide are the ex macoutes, their...

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Those that are against Aristide are the ex macoutes, their children and grand children, the ex Leopards, their children and grand children, the ex FAD their children and grand children.

This is a well documented fact in several languages by different writers worldwide.

In other word the Duvalier crime family with a death toll of over 100,000 on their hands are against Aristide.

Remember under Duvalier regime Foreign Intelligence officer used to supervised the execution of alleged pro Castro or Castrices Haitians at the National palace.

Guess what, if today cholera does not exterminate more Haitians, it is because Castro provides free Services to the Haitians whereas the Haitian doctors are selling their services to the riches and totally ignored the poor. After the earthquake the US brought marines with machine guns and no doctors, no medication while the Haitians were dying.

Whenever they do medical work it was for world wide publicity like the Israeli did.They were not interested in saving dying Haitians because they are psychopaths.That is why they are promoting homosexuality everywhere.They will try to convert haiti to a bastion of homo like you and all the people that you are supporting because they shares your vices.

We will have your chocolate, ti grogue, perfume,papers books, women and men ready to serve you at opportune time and place because we know your weaknesses.

Martelly probably received order from his master to break Diplomatic relations with Cuba. You watch what this degenerate sanguinary going to do, he is going to reestablish a regime of terror in Haiti but au moins d'AKA-100 we will put sirop on his bassin/pool of sang AK-100 by swift retaliation in Haiti and outside Haiti.

Vonvon-134, April 24 2011, 6:46 PM

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