Vonvon, Haiti can get very cheap weapons thru China...

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Vonvon, Haiti can get very cheap weapons thru China, Russia,Israel.

Now, it's not the time for Lockheed, Boeing or Detonics.

Haiti needs farm tractors with plows, bulldozers,motor graders, cultivators,
Canals for irrigation, trawlers for fishing, Chickens farms, lives stocks for meat to feed the Haitian kids for proteins, educations,healthcare system ect.
We don't need Lockheed Martin, Boeings military war planes or helicopters yet.
We do need an army for self defense after 5 years we can up grade to high tech weapon system, than we will need Lockheed, Detonics,Boeing weapons.

Jean Pierre Alexandre, April 18 2011, 8:42 PM

Topic: Contract for Tanks,Machine guns,warplanes,jail construction underway

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Vonvon,Haiti can get very cheap weapons thru China,Russia,Israel. Now,it's not the time for Lockheed,Boeing or... read more >
Jean Pierre Alexandre, 18-Apr-11 8:42 pm
There is plans to have an intelligence service anti-communist also This will be a renaissance of the Duvalier times... read more >
Concerned Haitian, 20-Apr-11 6:16 pm
Nothing else to add, you are making the right point; they must be no deal on arms, construction of jail, bomb shell we... read more >
Pastor Rivel Dumaine Dr., 20-Apr-11 9:33 pm
I agree with you at 100% that Haiti does not need arms' contract rather it needs technical equipments and good human... read more >
Toulimen, 21-Apr-11 1:25 pm
I bet you that the American will compell Sweet Micky to build more jails,prisons,gendarmes,spies,leopards and macoutes... read more >
Luc Pierre, 21-Apr-11 2:57 pm
We have good spring water all over the territory too,we just need to protect our environment and have some good tap... read more >
Jean Pierre Alexandre, 21-Apr-11 3:25 pm
Martelly needs to bring the guns and jails to arrest all Lavalasses and Unite partisans and reopen Fort Dimanche 12... read more >
Duvalierist De 1ere Heure, 21-Apr-11 6:20 pm


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