Pastor River Durmaine in the news again

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Some Middle Eastern Snake oil salesmen claimed that they just find the birth certificate of Jesus Christ and the Noah's Ark. They approached a not so bright fellow named Rivel to sell the birth certificate and the boat. According to our informer, the snake oil salesmen will be asking several trillion of dollars for their dubious merchandises knowing that the unscrupulous pass-gas will try to seize this opportunity to defraud his congregation and beyond.

Some observers are speculating that the price asked is well beyond the means of all the richest countries and there is no way a destitute and dull person like the pastor aka pass-gas flatulence could ever raise this kind of money not even in 6,000 years.

We will keep you posted as this event is unfolding.

Meanwhile, beware of fake pastor that will be asking monies for sacred documents.

Baal Naberius Rosier, May 3 2011, 12:43 PM

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