Don't you guy know the difference between a Threat and a...

Tiba - April 22 2011, 2:53 PM

Don't you guy know the difference between a Threat and a Statement?

These kind of statements are made all the time about Obama and Bill Clinton when he was a sitting president.

So what should I do now, shake in my pants?

Oh boy! I am now trembling and sweating like a pig. I am so scared, my heart is about to stop because Preval's death squad is coming to get me.

I did not say that "I was going to kill Preval." To say that, would have been a direct threat.

I said "this world would be much better off without Preval in it." There is no threat there, it's just a simple statement, which, by the way, is a true statement.

Wishing death to somebody is not the same as vowing to kill the person.

Got it!

Why am I even defending myself trying to make sense to a bunch of zealots self- proclaimed scholars, who can barely comprehend English language?

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