They are a very concise and precise groups that work partially...

Pastor Rivel Dumaine Dr. - April 22 2011, 4:05 PM

They are a very concise and precise groups that work partially for the Preval government so what?

I have been following the blob for so long ; there have never been purposely any threat attributing to President Preval.

Nevertheless, Where were you when these Haitians government associated with the international mafia killed and destroyed their own people, why didn't you show your furious your concerns for the Haitians people?

Obviously, you are not concerned about Haitians neither the middle class in the world; your Law Enforcement is prejudice, racism and discriminatory toward those who felt compel to free and speak up for their country; they just wanted their voices be heard.

Who cares about head of state in any other country in the world that misused, mistreated, and had gangs to kidnap their own people?

The Law Enforcement is an institution that run by man and woman; it could have lead by you guy in the blog and even myself working for the good of the nation and the people, but it was never the will of the initiative institution to work in favor of the government for the sake of good pay check.

Here is the deal any law enforcement that even check on any blogger IP, Phone, and check on their name is a direct violation of the Constitutional right of the individual either in the USA and in the International.

A well educated and anti Communist, dictatorship, and anarchism Law Enforcement will not even attempt to do some dirty job like that except in some third world countries where criminals governed the country.

We will never buy this tactic from this little elites.

Now read this please to Those in the blog calling it threat or trick! Impt.

Why don't you say anything about the Pastor who burnt the Koran Book in Florida?

Oh I know why! Law Enforcement only worked against the middle class people in favor of the this little group of elites.

If the Preval website wants to shut up people mouth it has to take it to China, North Korea and other any Communist Country.

How many brothers and sisters that these governments disappeared with in this world and none ever heard from them anymore?

Frederick Douglas, African American stated," Once a man learn how to write, He can free himself for ever"!

They are panicked cause we show sign of solidarity.

They tried to scare us one by one the same way they did to Martin Luther King, Rosetta Parks, Charlemagne Peralte, Capois Francois Lamort, Nelson Mandela to be quiet.

I refuse to be quiet if you want to me to be quiet to have to do what must do, but God willing I will not shut up, give up, nor worry up for anything except the full scale of the revolution with peace and love for all.

This is where I stand against your enemies God, so help me and my teams!

This guy who stated that, "They take it seriously", please give me your name completely and I report you to the State Department right now fro infringement of the equal right of individual and harassment.

of I don't care who you work for?

Patrick Henry, "Give me liberty or give me death".


Pastor Rivel Dumaine, Dr.

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