Preval and his crew are shameless. i mean really? they're so...

Jynee - April 22 2011, 1:34 AM

preval and his crew are shameless.

i mean really?

they're so obvious with stealing the election, they got caught and still stole it anyway.

ala yon bann je chech! why can't preval just go in peace, Haiti just need to exhale.

these damn Inite vole visie get on my nerve, i just want some peace so I can start my little business in Haiti and just enjoy life. Im tired of working 80hrs week in corporate america and having no time to exercise while eating all this genetically enginnered food. I don't want to end up in a stinking nursing home with tons of diseases.

i dont wish any ill will on people but damn couldn't mr. "my palace is collapse" and his Inite hustlers be in the palace when it collapsed!

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Mesi anpil pou infomasyon sa yo, se poun-n kenbe e...


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Jynee,sak pi mal'la.Neg yo bay moun'n anpil remo'o...

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