Eh my friend, I am not going nowhere unless they can eliminate...

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Eh my friend, I am not going nowhere unless they can eliminate me likewise Toussaint Louverture/ L'Ouverture, Capois Francois Lamort, Jean Jacques Dessalines, Boiron Tonnerrre, and Charlemagne Peralte etc., I don't care who are behind Haiti poverty if it is the devil or the international mafia/ forces.

whomsoever wanted to derail Haiti's liberation must be under the curse of God. Toulimen must be back if he is serious in battle to liberate Haiti cause the words of mouth or threat must not let a man leave His people to die in the hands of the enemy.

That the only way Toulimen has to come cleaning his name from all the accusations.

Jean Pierre and all others, You see me I am not worry about menaces and accusations; I pray six times a day for God to protect me against this Elite group with the help of the international that have accumulate enough wealth and power are capable of destroying and kill anyone that wanted complete freedom of Haiti.

I stated to all, I am not afraid of dying for a noble cause if Christ could do it ; God will strength me to carry the cross to deliver my Nation.

CIA will never Hire some one like Pastor Rivel Dumaine, Dr. for this Man is to revolutionary for their work. They never hired Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr., and Nelson Mandela these heroes are my world model.

Thank you very much for your kind words and encouragement.

You just boost me up to go further to see one day that Haiti has the final round of this peaceful revolution like in Egypt, Tunisia, Turkey, and Libya, etc.,

I don't care what name that someone has, what family, and or connection implies to your rank as long as you are not fanaticism and do not defend an individual person ; I will pray for you every day.

Toulimen wherever you are, let the humanist spirit unlighted in you, don' t let them no body wash your brain.

Stand up and be man! You are not even fell the fire you want to give up come on man. What are you up to?

Please every blogger read this little word! Read it please.

God say in the Bible, "He never called no man to an easy task we need to be watchful ".

Once again don't menace nor threat people in the blog.

I want all Haitians to be treated with respect, dignity and equality.

I want Haiti to be free of all mercenaries and traitors.

I want Haiti to be autonomous not tomorrow but now and today; I mean that.

I want Haiti to flush out all criminals, kidnappers, gangsters, and big and small thief in public and private sectors.

I want Haiti many Universities and Colleges.

I want Haiti to have free school from Kinder garden, Pree- k to High school

I want Haiti to be decentralize two hundreds/ 200 percent.

I want Haiti to be in world environment geographically and strategically the number 1.

I am tired of hearing Haiti to be the poorest country in the Hemisphere.

It is ashamed, it is ashamed, it is ashamed!

I want Haiti to have a custom service not for Haitians, but for those entering and exiting Haiti as foreigners.

I want Haiti to be a nation that have yes and no.

I want Haiti to use its national product ninety/ 90 %

I want Haiti to be able to have as system of governmental feeding program for the poor.

I want Haiti to mandate free education for all.

I want Haiti to summon anyone not wanting to receive a primary form of education.

I want Haiti to put all government and private citizens at work and pay them well to go to the mountains to restore our Eco-system, oceanic, and geology, and forestry.

I want Haiti government to seize all governments zillion of dollars of people who are on Haitians pay checks for life living in the many islands in private boats with million of dollars daily defrauding the Haitian treasure to pay for non-government employees, formers employees, formers mobs/ mafias who are receiving zombie pay checks every months.

I want Haitian government now or future to audit all money laundry that put Haiti to debt level of $10000000.00 per day to pay.

I want Haiti not to continue paying the United Nations and the United States, and the international mafia for many of the leaders they are taking out by compromising, but asked the Haiti to pay for their expenses, daly cost of living, security, and safety, lodge, hotel, and lounges, entertainment, and transportation.

I want Haiti to Have toe/ 2 political Party.

I want Haiti to independent partner of the international and global.

I want Haiti to be technologically savy

I want Haiti to accept free oposition, leader must be Haitians born.

I want Haiti to be able to render justicce to rich or poor.

I want Haiti to be off coup d' Etat for ever except when the leader becomes meniac and crazy.

I want Haiti to give equal axcess to both women and men.

I want Haiti touse engenieers to use hydropower to build electricity around the country for twenty four/24 hours.

I want Haiti to have pure water every where in the country.

I want Haiti to treat my little brothers and sisters equally.

I want Haiti to fix our own problem, yet we must have the solution.

I want Haiti to put a law that educate people not to burn State monument or buildin neither private homes or business.

I want Haiti 's Streets to be claen every day. Put truck in every cities hiring employess to do the job and pay them well.

I want Haiti to have Sea port in every major Coastal area.

I want evry cabinet to have the Constitution in their hands and whatever they call it. Use it to build and restore this country.

I want Haiti to know who is who Haitians or not. Can not write, read, and speak Kreyol, then you are not Haitians.

I want HAiti to Support and help National NGO's to bring food, education, sanitation, health, technologies, to the unpriviliges and the unfortunates.

I want Haiti to be free from Duvalierist, Lavalsists, Prevalists, and fanaticist for they are all the devils for fity/ 50 years in Haiti.

I don't care for them except for the my people they have been used vainly.

Thank you God for using me tonight in mighty way to speak to devils and assassins that don't want haiti to be free once for all.

Disregard mistake if any, but concentrate on the context of this opinion for It will be repeated many times until satisfaction!

This where I stand, so help me God! I love you all mith my heart! Take your time read the entire Memoire of this Pastor.


Pastor Rivel Dumaine, Dr.

Pastor Rivel Dumaine Dr., April 19 2011, 11:22 PM

Topic: Michel Martelly Emergency press conference Sunday April 10th 2011

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Eh my friend, I am not going nowhere unless they can eliminate me likewise Toussaint Louverture/ L'Ouverture, Capois... read more >
Pastor Rivel Dumaine Dr., 19-Apr-11 11:22 pm
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