If Americans didn't want Haitians here, they would agree with...

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If Americans didn't want Haitians here, they would agree with all the nations within MINUSTAH to make Haiti an independent country.

Rather it has chosen to make Haiti a very dependent state on America.

We want America to leave us alone Rooster so we can feed ourselves.

America does not produce good foods and we can. We want America to stay away of our internal affairs so we can develop our country.

The new government wants to borrow money from other countries to invest in the Haitian economy, but American wants us to borrow form IFM, BID and World Bank and all those are its financial institutions.

We want to stay away from America to be a dependent country so Haitians can stay in Haiti, but your government wants Haitians here. Why do you think they need Haitians here for?

You have to tell me because it seems that you have an answer.

Truly, we don't want Americans in our internal affairs for more deception and humiliation.

I am telling you that Micky will not a puppet of the United States like his predecessors and you will witness how Haitians will be eager to develop Haiti.

CIA's activity will be under control and all the NGOs including the Red Cross will be under control.

The American honneymoon will be over in Haiti and you will shut up your mouth soon. Haiti after America was the second independent country in this Western Hemisphere and it cannot be occupied by American anymore.

It will never be a territory of the U.S. We prefer dying all and America will not get our land. Our economic resources will be developped pretty soon and the whole world will witness the willingness of Haiti in doing things with a new leadership as well as a new vision.

We didn't cross the border Rooster but the border crosses all us. I hope that you understand it!

Toulimen Legrand, April 15 2011, 7:24 PM

Topic: Michel Martelly Emergency press conference Sunday April 10th 2011

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If Americans didn't want Haitians here, they would agree with all the nations within MINUSTAH to make Haiti an... read more >
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Pastor Rivel Dumaine Dr., 19-Apr-11 11:22 pm
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