It's a good idea to built roads, free education, agriculture...

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It's a good idea to built roads, free education, agriculture ect..

Jean Pierre Alexandre, April 27 2011, 8:13 AM

Topic: Flash:Michel Martelly will tax prostitution and the johns

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It's a good idea to built roads,free education,agriculture ect.. read more >
Jean Pierre Alexandre, 27-Apr-11 8:13 am
Well that will be a good thing, if he did. read more >
Bebe, 27-Apr-11 2:53 pm
Martelly will nominate Jean Pierre Alexandre as the plenipotentiary pimp in Haiti. This Alexandre supports the... read more >
Anti Human Trafficking, 27-Apr-11 11:43 pm
Oh boy! Another old macoute will be shaking down those sexy pretty sexy little Dominican women with nice personality... read more >
Brigade Des Moeurs, 28-Apr-11 5:36 am
Believe me,i would bring alot of money to built roads,education,agriculture,hospitals,Airports,reforestation... read more >
Jean Pierre Alexandre, 28-Apr-11 8:54 am
Martelly is intended to make gay marriage and divorce a tourist attraction in Haiti and pastor Rivel Durmaine will... read more >
Cosmos22, 29-Apr-11 12:47 am
This is not true since sweet Micky apparently said during his campaign that he is against gay adoption. read more >
Linda S, 30-Apr-11 8:42 am


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