No difference between asoma, guy,aristide to name few...

Richelle - May 3 2011, 6:51 AM

No difference between asoma, guy,aristide to name few especially preval.They terrorize their own people even worse than osama.

Osama terrorize other people not his own but still terrorist is terrorist.

Haitian was on terror as a result of kidnaping and preval knew who they were not doing nothing to stop it. Preval was not a dictator nor aristide I'm sure you know the meaning of dictator.

Dictator abrogate sinced jean claude left haiti.

These people don't like haiti this is why they destroy it like that. Samething as osama he do not like america and other country wants to hate them. These folks should get samething as osama.

I would be more than happy to see that happen.

Preval has to answer why he din't stop kidnaping who was behind that.I'm still mad with preval for not intervene on behalf the haitian people in the kidnaping season.That season traumatized my life every day I had to think will I get a phone call one of my family or close friend get kidnap in port-au- prince, thanks to Jehovah they all made it through.For those who lost families and friends from that season need answer from preval and I want michel to demand answer from preval in the court of law justice has to be done.

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