Africans Are Suffering Kidney Failure Due To U.S. Food Consumption in 30 ys

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According to France International Radio, Africans are suffering from kidney failure in great numbers after consumming for over 3 decades (30 yrs)imported foods from America.

If you have been eating those non-nutritional foods over thirty years you may be diagnozed for kidney failure or kidney stones soon. Non nutritional foods are foods that are lack of nutrients and those nutrients are sold as pills on the market for educated people who know where to buy them and how to consume them as well. This is evil to sell to people non nutritional foods to weaken their immune system so they can get lower life expectancy.

Now, I can understand why CIA spy agent named AbleRooster argued in his postings about how he hated and continues to hate France because the International French Radio keeps denouncing their evilness path all throughout the world.

We don't want those foods in Haiti although they are already on sale in Haiti.

The new Haitian government should increase tariffs on foods' imports to discourage all Haitian Foods' importers to stop destroying the Haitian economy.

We should encourage all Martelly's agricultural projects if we want to live longer in Haiti.

We should denounce this sort of evilness on the part of America so they can produce good foods to feed others.

In the U.S., those non nutritional foods are being sold in concentrated cities and the minorities such as African Americans, Foreign Blacks, Hispanics, Native Americans and other minority groups are the greatest consummers of those conventional foods.

For myself, I purchase my foods in wealthy areas and when I am asked for Zip Codes I give the zip code of their town so they don't charge me more taxes.

Before I go purchase my foods, I research the town zip code first and at the cashier point of sale, I give the right zip code to them. Africans in Africa who are suffering of kidney failures are very young in the thirty and thirty five years of age and they are being put on dialysis so they can stay alive for a few years.

Radio France Inter states that this is genocide against the black race on the African continent and the European countries must step up to stop that. Haiti will be next because the U.S. believes that it is overpopulated.

If you don't and cannot support Martelly's agricultural project, you may need to think and think twice.

May the Almighty One bless you all! Posting #989762

Toulimen Legrand, April 26 2011, 5:23 PM

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