Vrey well said Sebastien. I totally agree with this decision...

Katia - April 27 2011, 10:15 PM

Vrey well said Sebastien.

I totally agree with this decision to charge 1% of every transfer from the diaspora if there won't be any mimi miaw in this government to run with these funds.

Haiti would be on its way to development finally.

But let me tell you how I feel it should be instead, the 1% should be taken out of the receiver's amount not from me in the diaspora.

for ex: when I send US $100 to Haiti, they should give $99 to the receiver and I should pay what I always paid before.

The reason that I think like that is that I don't live in Haiti, I live in the diaspora.

and I pay taxes from my hard earned income to receive services here. People in Haiti should learn to do the same. Money that they receive is their income, so they have to learn to pay taxes on every source of income that they have. that's the way we do it here. We have millions of maids, housemen, street vendors, seamstresses, housefront merchants, shoe cleaners, porters,they earn very little and yet they have huge responsabilities, and I understand.

But, when they are sick or need to register their kids to a public school, they used a subsidized service most of the time without contributing to the maintenance of the service.

No clear idea from my part how if ever, they will decide to plan that way how they would do that, because most of these kind of folks do not have adresses, they don't have a social security number, they cannot file taxes.

it's a very complexe case. Martelly should try to organize the people first by identifying everyone with a social security number first and then start collecting taxes on anything they make so they can reduce service cost and create new useful ones.
Haiti scares me. now that I have been living the way that people should leave.

Never imagine that Haiti should have a 911 services to help in different troubling situations?

who would pay for such service, how thay will reach the individual in distress when all roads are filled with trash, rubbles, corridors, no adresses, and most importantly what if they had all the above?

Where would they take the person?

ayayay tonerre! lopital general?

where, how, That's exactly why in this day and age we have a higher death rate than France had in the 1600. So on this note, All haitians in Haiti small incomes and bigo bigo incomes should pay what they have to pay in order for the country to come out of this....

I cannot even say the word. Thank you for reading my lengty comment.

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