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That is the only reason they have never attempted to blog Pastor Rivel Dumaine Dr. out; yes they can do that they do have the right to do this even with the Haitian treasure in their hands; they are always thinking of the person I presented myself on the blog, they say, " wait a minute why should we we blog a person that is not for Preval, Aristide, And Duvalier, but is really for the Haitians people"?

They are very smart and intelligent; and learn from other international mafia how to treat those who are independent thinker and out of fanaticism.

Toulimen, You are very good, but sometimes, you let me alone like Ovasld Durand to dig up for too long thinking what is going on about my friend and who is he working with?

I am a Minister I must never knowingly lie; human makes mistakes if is the case all the bloggers forgive the Pastor.

This is what a man of courage does. I don't want to brag about myself; and anyone that communicate in this blog deserves some kind of merit.

Jean Pierre Alexander, you have 100 point with me ; you observed and reported the truth and false the way it is. It is like the book of the Law Enforcement you search for clues, observed and reported that is the job of good leadership, politician, journalist, students,, and teachers, civil right activist, and all professionals.

It is not a message of division between my friends in the blog ; it is the right thing to say without hesitation.

All of you are very good in the blog.

Yes Pastor Rivel is ready to forgive: Duvalier, Aristide, and Preval as long as they accept their wrong doing.

They are my brothers while justice must be imposed to all without fear. Do you guys getting it or not?

You guys are great to blog with and appreciate all the support giving to Pastor Rivel Dumaine, Dr. I have nothing to hide, bride, nor clide.

I am an opened o book of justice for a peaceful revolution, social, economic, and moral for all.

I will not quit this message of hope never and never!

This is where I stand, so God help me!


Pastor Rivel Dumaine, Dr

Pastor Rivel Dumaine Dr., April 26 2011, 8:28 AM

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