This Blog Manager Block My IP For Reading Your Mails Guys!

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I can only read your postings if I am using public IP to post messages.

This CIA vermine tries to prevent me from communicating with you. This male dog manager blocks my IP and I keep getting old postings to confuse me so I could not communicate with you at all. You know what those male dogs cannot bring our spirit down and we will continue to fight to liberate Haiti from the hands of those criminal corrupted monsters.

These mercantile elites cannot bring us down ok. Keep up with the fight.

I will be posting more next time ok. Keep up with the good fight! This blog manager is a CIA spy, a vermine that should not live among us. He will be tracked soon ok. Continue to monitor my IP, you are a CIA dog's killer! Especes de chiens!

Toulimen Legrand, April 23 2011, 3:00 PM

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Dpt Of Cyber Sanitation, 23-Apr-11 4:12 pm
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Dept Of Cyber Sanitation, 23-Apr-11 4:53 pm
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Jean Pierre Alexandre, 23-Apr-11 5:33 pm
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Wise Cooky, 23-Apr-11 6:09 pm


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