When you talk about justice you should talk about Haiti first...

Commandante12 - April 25 2011, 4:05 PM

When you talk about justice you should talk about Haiti first starting with Jean Claude Duvalier instead of going faraway places such as Egypt, Tunisia, Liberia but with my superior intelligence i decode your thought processes I think that you mean Libya, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Sierra Leone who are far away from the Haitian realities.

I know you have Attention Deficit Disorder with Hyperactivity because Micky Candy Baby's cracks burned the cells of your brains but I have the necessary skills to keep you in focus.

Now let's go back to the topic of Jean Claude Duvalier the Disaster:
Jean Claude Duvalier has severe learning disabilities according to his teachers at St Louis de Gonzague, College Bird, and his Classmates, associates, friends and his informal teachers.

Jean Claude passion was fast cars, women and music.

He tried to learn music without success because of his learning disabilities.

While he was at the national palace, he purchased several expensive cars at the tax payer expense.

He used to close the schools whenever it was the anniversary of his Jaguar, Cadillac, Mercedes Benz, Bentley, Ferrari and his red Corvair.

When he left Haiti, he carried over 800,000,000 cash in his suit case plus one billion he spread among his friend in Haiti to manage for him. One of his associate, Luckner Cambrone boasted that he is rich for the next 10 generations because he used to sell Haitian blood and cadavers to American medical schools-and selling Haitians as slaves to the Dominican Republic refers to Haiti Observateur for more zin. Little is known on how much monies his sisters stole from the Haitian treasure and how much they generously gave to the military men there while they were sampling or trying their koks. We know Michelle Bennet was doing the same thing and sometime they had the same men-refers to Haiti Observateur.

So if you want to start justice start with the Duvalier regime and his 38,000 miliciens that committed atrocities that was never seen in the entire Caribbean region.

When you finish to judge the macoutes start with the corps of leopards.

I am sure you will not contemplate doing such action because your family members used to committed atrocities in the above organizations you will rather play the game of reconciliation when he come to the Duvalier.

The Duvalier atrocities has been resonated and recorded throughout the world.

I am asking all the people that live in Haiti and around the world to submit their stories to commandante 12 at yahoo.

in Aristide and Preval committed no known crimes.

Please leave Aristide and Preval alone or we will get you for the crimes you committed during the Duvalier era.

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