Haitians do not know the alue of a $

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Merci Katia for speaking the truth IT WAS SO WELL SAID I HAD TO POST IT

"most of the time, you cannot even afford to sustain life here on that little paycheck ...sometimes your paycheck is only %75 worth of your expenses.

and you still have to send send send to families, friends, even people you don't even remember, keep bugging you ta carry their bagage for them.

I need money for ti marie to go to school, ti jean will be doing his first communion, ti joseph needs money for new clothes for baccalaureate test. just to go write a test, you need money for new clothes, they don't ever work, they don't know the value of a dollar.

anyone that's sick, needs a laptop, now that's the new thing for this year, laptop for every housemaids, machan fresco.

in the past years, it was cellphone for every baby in the family.

everyone you knew needs a cellphone."

Sebastian, April 30 2011, 10:27 AM

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