Toulimen Legrand you are a compulsive and pathological liar...

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Toulimen Legrand you are a compulsive and pathological liar. No one could block you from getting access to this blog.
The blog owner could prevent you temporarily from posting garbage on this blog for cybernetic sanitary reasons the same way garbage are being removed from the streets of Port-au-Prince for sanitary reasons.

I am recommending you that you should take a cybernetic shower and a cybernetic detox to cleansing yourself "cybernetikement"
Stop complaining.

Using this blog is a privilege it is not a right.

If you are at least 1/10 of a human being you could open your own blog.The problem is that you must be a two legged and have at least 1/10 of human intelligence.

It does not cost that much to open a web site even if you are receiving $ 5 allowance a week from your parents or is on Public Assistance or is currently begging on public streets highways and byways.

There is five type of people in this world:
1-The no life
2-the Low life
3-The well to do or has a life.
4-The rich
5-The Rich and powerful
Based on the time you spend on the net ranting about your superiors.

we are concluding that you belong to type one meaning a No Life. That means the net become your life since everybody are staying away from you, family,friends, acquaintances,neighbor, dogs,cats, even mice and cockroaches since you have nothing to offer them. You should call the priest to administer you the last rites just in case of desperation you will decide to make the ultimate sacrifice to escape from your intolerable hellish predicament to go to the illusive heaven.

As a human being, I understand your pain but I will suggest you to never give up. All great men in history never give up from Charlemagne to present day Mubarak.

Even little Sweet Micky.

Sweet Micky has some horror stories also when he said: They kicked me every where i went, in schools, at the military academy, at the jobs, my first wife and girl friends, friends,but he had hope. Now he has made it because he kicked some powerful people in their rear end and some powerful people kicked him in his rear end.I don't recommends or endorse this but it is among the quadrillion of the alternatives to stardom.

Keep the hope alive even though not even a cockroaches or mice decided to stay away from you.

Dpt Of Cyber Sanitation, April 23 2011, 4:12 PM

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