Command Toulimen you are a full time + overtime blogger paid...

Dato Domeck - April 25 2011, 8:00 PM

Command Toulimen you are a full time + overtime blogger paid by the CIA because you dislike Aristide.

You are defending the Duvalier regime and its atrocities because you and your relatives executed many Haitians that you believe were sympathized with Fidel Castro.

You are making a big foul out of yourself by trying to fool other people through your transparent deceptions.

You belong to the bourgeois psychopath groups by using the paysan name to enrich yourself, like the bebe grandit and his ex-public wife Michelle.

Now you going to offer your service to the ti generate tete kale. You belong to the criminal CIA network in Latin America
I hope that he wills refrains himself from passing gas, or having his pants pulled down on the pretext of garment malfunction on May 14th 2011 during his inauguration.

Response to:

Pastor Dumaine, Jean-Pierre and I as you mentioned it...


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