Il Ne Faut Pas Quitter Le CIA Blog Pour Ces Voyous

Serge Leblanc P Says...

Quand vous ouvrez votre blog, veuillez nous donner l'addresse et utilizer d'autres sites pour pouvoir le communiquer ok. Ces voyous peuvent bloquer votre IP pour relire ce que vous avez ecrit mais n'ayez pas peur les jours de ces chiens sont comptes.

Courage! Vous avez fait un bon travail en expliquant beaucoup de choses sur ce blog mais les chiens proprietaires de ce blog ne sont pas d'accord avec vos idees et ils pensent vous liquider mais ils mourront tous avant vous. Ce sont ces chiens la qui kidnappent, assassinent, pillent, divisent et tuent en Haiti.

C'est a cause de leur jeu comme vous l'avez explique dans votre posting qu'on pense restaurer l'armee Haitienne pour que ces chiens la (MINUSTAH, anciens soldats et les voyous des quartiers pauvres) arrettent de detruire Haiti tant avilie et humiliee par la honte de ces malpropres.

Courage et bon travail Toulimen! Ne quittez jamais ce blog a cause de ces chiens!

Posted April 17 2011 at 7:53 PM

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Toulume And Michel Martelly Are Working For The CIA Ernst Babo 04/25/2011
Your Assertions Are Wrong Against Toulimen And I Am Not Searching For Any Job At All. I Have Supported Martelly Because I Believed That He Would Win Based On His Popularity And The Support From The Rich Conservative... Toulimen Legrand 04/25/2011
They Tried To Scare Me About Eight /8 Months Ago; They Are The Elites That Have Been Worked With The International Mafia And They Hire Some Few Criminal And Hit-Man To Do The Dirty Jobs For Them. Alright Then, We Know... Pastor Rivel Dumaine Dr. 04/20/2011
Pastor Dumaine, I Don't Give Up To The Fight Ok. The Blog Owner Blocks My IP And I Cannot Read Anything I Post. As A CIA Spy, He Is Compiling A File For Me. He Assigns A Code Number With My IP And He Has Already... Toulimen Legrand 04/20/2011
I Really Believe That Your Are Stronger Than Toulimen Who Let This Movement Go Like That So Easy. Anyone Can See This Agent X Is The Hit-Man Or Woman For These Devils That Wanted Only Power In Haiti. I Am Not For... Pastor Rivel Dumaine Dr. 04/20/2011
Agent X,Case Close. Ti Vakabon Sal Ras Aristid Ak Preval \"Good For Nothing". Jean Pierre Alexandre 04/20/2011
Agent X,You Have Alot To Learn. She Is A Doctor And Our Soldiers Need Medical Care Too, And The Money Is Good,Remember Aslo I've Told You She Have Alot Of Kocks Every Hour:). Simple Clues I Gave You Like That I Did Not... Jean Pierre Alexandre 04/20/2011
Like I've Told You Guys,Toulimen Is A Very Smart Man:) That's Mean Haiti Is In Good Hand. Oh Yeah.We All Know What He Stand For,A Better Haiti For All. Him And I,We Never Can Get One Thing Strait,Our Haitian Elites... Jean Pierre Alexandre 04/19/2011
Daughter Whereabouts Is Unknown With All Those Guys? Now You You Prove To Me How Right I Were! Case Closed. You Are Not Man Enough To Send Your Daughters To Universities. A Good Father Will Do Three Jobs First Before... Agent X 04/19/2011
Agent X,I Have Only Three Legs The One In The Middle Is Already For Your Mother:). As For My Daugther She Is Somewere In The Persian Gulf Or The Pacific On A Navy Ship I Hope You Understand,You Can Figure This One Out... Jean Pierre Alexandre 04/19/2011