Serge, Toulimen think his work should be "problem...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - April 18 2011, 7:54 AM

Serge, Toulimen think his work should be "problem free".

Not in this world, i don't know for the next world.

We all know this blog is suck just like any other useless administration involve CIA dogs.
Do you guys knew they are many type of CIA?

The CIA of the 3rd world countries like Haiti are the lowers of the dogs chains.

It's just like the KJB.
Only the Israel mossad is more in control and the cubans.


Il Ne Faut Pas Quitter Le CIA Blog Pour Ces Voyous

Quand vous ouvrez votre blog, veuillez nous donner l'addresse et utilizer d'autres sites pour pouvoir le communiquer...

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Hey low IQ before you start posting on the internet...

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