now i know what is going on?

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The theory of Mediocrity is very popular to the point it is cultivated from many of those who are really at all cost sell their country men and Women.

They are the so called pitit kay, mercir je vous remercir les gens qui sont des restes avec essaient toujours de rendre gloire a leur patron de vie quotidienne tout en essayant de fermer leurs yeux sur le problem natal blamant toujours les autres pays pour leur crime et mechancete.

Commandante 12, you are going the wrong way; you should astute your inquiries about been a really humanist instead of been hit man for some patrons that only can use you as a double minding persona.

The maniac and the spiteful only defends their bosses; the humanist defends his country, people, and the world.

Keep your threat to yourself and your paranoia

It only takes twelve thousand hit men to plotting against the just thinker ; it takes only one right person to ask for justice.

I vote for Aristide and Preval; I did not have chance to vote for Duvalier; You must deal with Duvalier as per your request.

You need to be a man not a cry baby. like wise in any other developed countries a man takes the stand to say Dad you are wrong ; this is not the time for cover up. Stand up, wake up and shape up be a man confront your dads with the truth.

Done deal with you I have better thing 2 du bro. Luv your self not your patrons.

Stop blaming other countries for our problems; let us be the solution to heal our justice system.

I have never hate any body; just disliked what they have done to my brothers and sisters.

You should too! I guest you are not. This is where I stand, so Help me God from the enemies and criminals.

I will not respond 2 your jk anymore that is all.


Pastor Rivel Dumaine, Dr.

Pastor Rivel Dumaine Dr., April 25 2011, 11:08 PM

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Good argumentations Pastor Dumaine. This guy is paid to divide people on this blogs and this points out his mediocrity... read more >
Toulimen Legrand, 25-Apr-11 11:59 pm


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