The Bible is a tissue of plagiarism from previous so called...

Agent-x - May 14 2011, 1:48 AM

The Bible is a tissue of plagiarism from previous so called Pagan religions.

In essence the Bible reflects the entire spectrum of human experiences.

It is also a tissue of contradiction which reflects the homo not so intelligent because I am afraid to use the word wise. We are not Homo sapiens yet.

If you scrutinizes the Bible with a deeper attention than usual, you will discern that it reflect the weakness, foibles and the relative strength of humanity.

For example, the Bible claims that God said: I am the Lord your God, You shall have no other gods before me. A boyfriend will tell the same thing to his girlfriend or a husband will tell the same thing to his wife or verse versa-[Reason of jealousy]
All the weaknesses, insecurities, human flaws are expressed in the Bible because it is a human creation.

God should worship us because we create God with our imagination.

We are his creator and without us he will cease to exist.

Future generations will depose religion in the pantheon of history or to the Museum of humanity.

If we accept the notion that God created man at his/her/it image then we should ask why man/woman has the capability to do good and bad and God can only do well even-though God has an extensive resume as a criminal starting with the world wide flood that killed millions of people.

This is well documented in the bible and such crime makes will God eligible for the Nuremberg War Crime Trials.

He will evade potential trial because you cannot bring to court an imaginary person; perhaps you could bring to the nearest psychiatric ward those that makes the claims about the imaginary entity.

Lucifer has no such resume.

I was a Catholic, then an Episcopalian, then a Master Mason in lodge.

I know what I am talking about because I read several thousand books.

Vaudou et nevrose by Dorsinville was among the first serious books that I read decades ago. There is no supernatural agency in any part of the universe or the timeservers if more than one universe exists.

Religion was invented to restrict and curb the indulgence of the criminals.

I am in tune with my conscience because I am a protector of the poor like Aristide; I don't have sex with my best friend woman; I don't use nor abuse other in any form and fashion.

The essence of religion is a good conscience.

BTW the imperialists are giving jobs in Haiti follow the link below

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