Tet Kale Bobis, while you are have USA chikens wings in your...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - May 12 2011, 10:18 AM

Tet Kale Bobis, while you are have USA chikens wings in your throat(gagan'wou),
your weekly salary in your pokets to feed your family and bitches or boy friends around, while if you don't have a job to go too, your belly will always can get fat like a fat belly pig in vietnam by just walk in to collect welfare with no shame you can send your wife welfare office to get benefit to feed your big ass appetite ungrateful bastard, ignorant mother fucker like you.
Stiffnecked people like you in this world makes me puke and sick to my stomach.

This country give me, you and others chances to shine like the stars.

Mother fucker like you spoil Haiti in the past, now and present, if not future present included?

it will be a miracle on earth to set the record strait for Haiti.

If, i was in Haiti by this time i would wonder in vain because of assholes like you, Godbless Frank Romain, he see the shine in me and he talks to my father to send me abroad when i was just a kid trying twice to break into a small planes by the aviation runway.

Many more Haitians with dreams, good dreams, i know men and women if they get their chance, them too will shine like the stars.

But, if there is assholes like you, ignorants like you while the chickens wings are in they troaths, they are cursings their host countries, disrespects theirs host countries, they should leave or accept to shocks by staying silence.

You guys need to face reality and respect others.

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