AgentX, be rational about us humans, as humans we makes...

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AgentX, be rational about us humans, as humans we makes mistakes volontary.

To go futher i can tell you, we humans even fabricates mistakes for our own satisfactions, remember we are very devious species, vicious,selfish species, wicked by nature (after our sins caused by Lucifer),jealous species.

Lucifer is the cause of our problems on earth, caused us the humans to go against God.
Honestly my hands full of blood because of my skills, the same bible that i read almost every day and night mentioned beat you knives and sword to made tools to farm the land(plows).

At the age of 22 i was already involve with US defense Dept work .I was happy for 5 years only that when i was involve with a Nasa project for a giant valve for the rockets boosters.

Only one thing i am sure about, Lucifer rule this world of Governments.

But, he will not last long.
You think God is a bad God?well don't think that way my brother.

Lucifer is the criminal and master of our world, cause he is the one that painted, humiliated us with his lies due to jealousy of us with our father Jehovah God.
He noticed God loved us too much and he spoiled our relationship with our father.

Respect for your believe, but think and reconsidere the fact.
If a make a mistake reply with info.

Jean Pierre Alexandre, May 13 2011, 9:38 PM

Topic: The order of thing in Haiti in April 2011.

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