Lucas and Magloire did not have the courage to run for...

Marjorie Middy - April 30 2011, 8:56 PM

Lucas and Magloire did not have the courage to run for presidency.

BUT Baker and Ceant did;Either one of them would have made a MUCH better president.

We have to "respect the will of the people" and make the best of things.

We must stand behind the newly elected president, "Sweet Micky".

Give him a chance.

He is new to the political scene and that could be a plus. INITE is definitely up to no good, but this is the FIRST time that we might have a non-omnipotent president.

This is NOT necessarily bad, if we make it work to our advantage...Martelly could come up with a new entity to counter, therefore CREATING for the first time political transparency of which we desperately in need of in order to combat in-country corruption on so many levels.

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