I agree with you, the agriculture must be our first priority...

Toulimen Legrand - April 25 2011, 7:37 PM

I agree with you, the agriculture must be our first priority and the education next. We can do that. Foods, jobs and education can be next. Yes we can do it my friend.

Don't be discouraged at all! If you want to return in Haiti just choose another town and not the one you were born and raised to open a business ok. Believe me it will work. What we need to do is to increase awareness among people in Haiti so they can force the statu to come up with changes to better the lives of others.

Don't be in the forefront of the fight to die, empower them like the CIA does in Asia with Spy Youths to call for the Arab Spring that is happening now.

For instance, when America created the Al-Jazeera network, no one could believe that it was owned by Americans at the CEO level.

Al-Jazeera started against America and many people embraced it so quickly and at the end it turns out that many people now know that it is owned by rich conservative American elites.

That's the way CIA works and you must be careful with people who are against America.

The latter creates its faked enemies like Osama Ben Laden and if this guy was a liberal democrat he would have been already found, and the same person who are searching him are the same one who will be telling him where to hide to enjoy his wealth.

All Osama's businesses are running well in the U.S. and the United States must think him every day for getting rid of its true enemies to continue to maintain its dominance over the world.

In Haiti, CIA had used Rene Theodore, Manno Charlemagne and K-Plim to name a few as communists and America's enemies and many got killed when those leaders had organized protests against the United States and those past Haitian governments in the past 25 years.

The CIA is a powerful network well trained to kill, divide others and conquer so many countries on behalf of the United States.

Now, with its controlled Facebook, many more will get killed and assassinated.

Facebook is a social network created by rich conservatives to spy on people and also on some governments so be careful if you have a facebook account.

Haiti will never be better if we cannot confront the U.S.CIA and their bases should be removed on the Haitian soil if we want to remain a free country in the Caribbean region.

Yes we can start with the agriculture that will bring more jobs and after that continue with the education.

Even if Micky can do only that in the next five years I will be pleased with his legacy, but what I am asking myself will he get leeway to do so from the Haitian Food Importers such as CAM and Unitransfer to name a few?

May the Almighty One bless you my friend! Kenbe la fem!

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