You are also very bright in getting out the message to the...

Pastor Rivel Dumaine Dr. - April 18 2011, 8:26 AM

You are also very bright in getting out the message to the Haitians and for the Haitians people around the world.

If they are not fitted, they must quit for they are the enemy of change in Haiti.

As for many of us who are the eyes of this movement of telling it the way it is without partiality; we aren't going nowhere.

Sak pa dako anbake, but Haiti must be changed for ever and ever. I encourage all of you who love Haiti not to leave the blog if we do, we give back Haiti to these same people that have been kept Haiti under their devil for the past fifty years.

We are the head, hand, and feet of Haiti if we are given up who will be the voice of my brothers and sisters.

They are mad because our brothers and sisters are getting smart by not buying to their tactics anymore.

As we shall stand together, I feel honored to meet some very bright and smart people like you in the blog. Remember only the weak surrendered but the brave fall down with their arms pointed at their enemies to the last breath.

This is a psychological and emotional warfare to scare you that is the way the mafia works.

I can not name the names, but you know who you are in this battle to save Haiti.

We love Haiti because we are humanist to see people first not power and wealth.

Many of you are my Heroes.

I love you all. That is the reason I state my name God is my witness I have never and never betrayed my brothers, sisters, and nation, and I promise to die than to be a iota in the misery of my people.

This is where I stand so help me God.

I have a home work to do, so talk you all later.


One of you, Pastor Rivel Dumaine, Dr. Me must never surrender to the International Mafia.

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