We must never surrender to the International Mafia!

Pastor Rivel Dumaine Dr. - April 17 2011, 10:45 PM

Toulimen, you believe in yourself that the power is in you. You should never leave the blog because of false accusation brought against you. As a matter of fact that should be ideal to keep you in the fight.

President Martelly is the will of God; Abraham was pleading to God to save the city from the hell of fire ; God could not have none of that faith to stop. When the so-called educated of double mind failed in their system of selling Haiti; God passed another speed to choose the man that will put Haiti back right in their presence.

I read one day in the great city a statement," A man that will die for a cause is not fit to leave".

The elites and CIA can not bring Haiti down, but we the people can put Haiti down back in their hands.

We must never be intimidated by the menaces of the tyrants around the world.

The people always prevail.

Duvalier, Aristide, and Preval must learn that government can not run with false speech.

Oh krik krak gade anba gage anle di yo sa gen pou chanje.

Then He was the one that killed the people by creating a system of anarchism.

President Martelly must change the Haitian system for ever; don't be trouble by the those wwho are against this movement.


Pastor Rivel Dumaine, Dr.


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